The Story

An EMS Sportswear is helping you achieve maximum performance in a workout anytime and anywhere!


If you realize that making time for fitness is often a challenge in your busy world, then now, WISENFIT designs smart solutions that maximize your time and efforts while giving you more time to enjoy life.

Product Highlights

  • 30 mins training = 2 hours workout

  • Burn more calories and fasten the metabolism

  • Grow muscle efficiently and increase strength effectively

  • Improve endurance level and accelerate power rehabilitation

  • Relax your muscle and speed up recovery

  • Multiple modes and continuous APP upgradation available


Traditional EMS devices used to be complicated and expensive. During the rapid development of E-textiles science since the 2010s, EMS technology becomes widely used by fitness enthusiasts and successfully remarketed and reintroduced to the masses in the forms of EMS training studios and EMS sportswear.

In 2016, we completed the development and manufacture of Wisnefit-EMS suits, but it still required bulky wires and external hub(battery). Of course, that inconvenience is hard to accepted by the mass. So we decided to redesign the whole structure and make it from Suits to Sportswear.

In 2018, Wisenfit made an innovative breakthrough in electro-fabric and phone-powered technology, then thoroughly test in 2019. Finally, we achieve the lightest and the most comfortable EMS clothing in the world.


After only a few weeks of regular practice, you may achieve desired results such as muscle strengthening or shaping, fat burning, and muscle relaxation.  That's why EMS gaining popularity with athletes and average gym-goers alike.


The effects achieved by EMS during a workout is similar to the results obtained by increasing the level of weight resistance during exercise— the higher the current density, the more massive the resistance. For this reason, we recommend using EMS no more than 30 minutes in a workout as it is equivalent to 2 full hours of intensive training sessions.


Thanks to the portability of WISENFIT, EMS training is no longer limited to members of EMS training centers and studios. WISENFIT users can also combine our product into training sessions for optimal results.


After stimulating the growth of muscles, these active muscles will continue to burn even within a few hours after exercise. Our body system can continue to maintain a higher metabolism, and prolong the calorie consumption. 


WISENFIT can be used for practical EMS-assisted training at any time, whether for static or dynamic exercises so that endurance can be effectively improved during each workout. Studies conducted on animals by NASA have proven the positive effects on the muscle-skeletal system by long-term use of EMS.  


Muscle release is one of the widely-recognized usages of EMS technology. In the quiescent state of motion, the WISENFIT relaxation mode can regularly emit pulse signals that cause the muscles to contract and relax.  WISENFIT can also be used to help relax the stiff shoulder, neck, and back muscles of office workers and anyone else who must sit or stand for long periods. Since EMS can speed up metabolism, it has the overall potential to relieve pain and accelerate muscle recovery.


The fabric has high resilience, which ensures the comfortability of wearing and makes sure it is fit enough to a workout.


Conductive fabric offers the softness and malleability of material, while also having electrical properties. Wisenfit adopts the best in class materials 'Conductive rubber by Carbon Nanotubes,' and that will make our users feel like touch to a second skin. Compare to the other EMS devices. The users do not require to spray water to the power zone before wearing it!


EMS generates electrical pulses that stimulate the human muscles by simulating the brain’s natural electrical pulses and standard input-output patterns.


Each mode corresponds to different electrical stimulation intensities and intervals that suit various applications and scenarios. 


WISENFIT can also be used to help relax the stiff shoulder, neck, and back muscles of office workers and anyone else who must sit or stand for long periods.