Intelligent Heating Clothes

The most stylish and coolest outlook

Coolness is not just embedded in the design. The outlook of the jacket is the collection of the trending ideas.

windproof & waterprooF

The heating jacket is designed with wind- and waterproof feature without scarifying the light-weighted and vacillated wearable.

temperature-adjustable smart switch

WISENFIT jacket has hidden smart switch to enable the user adjust the temperature handful in any occupation. 

Smart heating

Compared to our competitors with the far-infrared heating technology the jacket can heat up 10x faster, which also brings healthy stimulation to the very near body.

Fashionable outlook

Cool and stylish design to meet the need of wide user group

windproof & waterproof

Any weather should not be the obstacle to walk out

intelligent temperature control

Control by the hidden

button or via APP

light &


Keep warm and keep ventilated

graphene technology

10x faster to warm-up

compared to similar product


hidden pocket

Protect you from every

crowded area

Heating Accessories

EMS Sportswear


Thanks to the portable convenience of WISENFIT, EMS training is no longer limited to members of EMS training centers and studios. WISENFIT users can also combine training methods for optimal results.



WISENFIT can be used for effective EMS-assisted training at any time, whether for static or dynamic exercises, so that endurance can be more effectively improved during each exercise.


During the process of EMS signal acting on the muscle, aerobic exercise is performed at the same time, which is equivalent to 2-3 times of the exercise intensity of the muscle in a short time.


This is one of the widely recognized uses of EMS technology. In the quiescent state of motion, the WISENFIT relaxation mode can regularly emit pulse signals that cause the muscles to contract and relax.

User-Friendly Design

Compatible & easy to use with both iOS & Android

Precision Pulsing

Targets all 8 main muscle groups simultaneously

Optimum Performance

Uses the same OEM as leading sportswear brands

Low Power Consumption

Functions up to 8 hours on only a 5% charge

Adjustable Modes

Offers 5 different modes to suit various activities

Low Maintenance Care

Able to be cleaned in home washing machine


WISENFIT offers performance sportswear intelligently designed with the most advanced EMS (Electrical Muscle Simulation) technology. Used by professional athletes since the 1960’s, EMS technology is becoming more well known among amateur fitness buffs, and is now able to be adopted by the masses.

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